Scott01Scott Dunn is a reformed newspaperman with Southern roots and Western sensibilities. He was reared by good people on the outskirts of Chattanooga, Tenn., and has spent the better part of the past two decades in Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. He likes telling stories and occasionally writes them down. After working as a sports writer, copy editor and outdoors editor, Scott crossed into the realm of media relations. And he sort of liked it. But the road called, and he walked away, lured by the promise of traveling across the country alongside two mutts and a pretty girl with a camera.

JillJill Richards is a product of California’s San Joaquin Valley. But trapped inside her compact (and restless) frame is the spirit of a goat-raising, craft-making, whiskey-swilling Southern girl. Jill began her career as a photojournalist, using her lens to tell community stories as well as capture college and pro sports. After working at newspapers in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Albuquerque and Columbia, S.C., she landed in Phoenix, where she developed a surprising affinity for shooting food and fashion. Jill loves her dogs and her man, and she couldn’t imagine a better place to spend the first year of her marriage than on the open road.
Here’s how it all started: The Big Idea

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