Freeport, Texas was merely a pit stop on our path eastward. Neither of us had seen the Texas coastline, and we were due for a night of camping — both for our souls and our budget. As always, we seemed to be the last guests to arrive at the campground — this one Quintana Beach County Park — but at least, for once, we were able to pitch our tent and cook dinner before dark. We also were happy to see a flat expanse of grass, which is a luxury for tent campers accustomed to sleeping atop dirt and rock and roots. The dogs chased seagulls across the open field, and later zigzagged through the sand in pursuit of crabs during a late-night walk on the beach. It was a perfect pit stop, and it set us back only 17 bucks.


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  1. I agree with Brett; these are awesome. Not in lieu of your other posts, but in addition to . . .

  2. Brett says:

    I like how you are including some of these shorter posts – it fills in the gaps between the more indepth posts you and Scott write, which I have really enjoyed as well. It’s fun to hear from you both and read about where you are and see a photo, even when it’s something quick like this. It creates a nice balance in my opinion.
    Just some positive feedback for you. Keep it up!

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