Our bellies full of brisket, Scott and I made our way toward the Texas coast. We cruised through rural roads, past cattle ranches and pastures filled with horses, goats and yellow wildflowers. The scenery was breathtaking. I’ve never known this Texas. My previous trips followed Interstate 40. I remember eating country-fried steak at a Grandy’s in Amarillo, and I once interviewed for a job in Houston — in August. Had I known Texas was so splendid in spring, I would have bypassed I-40 and opted for a 600-mile detour through the belly of the Lone Star State when the bluebonnets were blooming. I now have a better idea why Texans don’t want their state messed with.


4 Responses to “Yoakum, TX”

  1. Nancy Martin says:

    That Grandy’s stop was awesome. I notice you left out the part about how it was our 2nd lunch for the day. xoxoxoxox

  2. Tina and I took a train from Dallas to Austin in July; the landscape was absolutely spectacular – SO not what you think of as Texas. It’s a gorgeous state!

  3. pamela says:

    i love this photo. visiting my mom outside of dallas and seeing all of the roaming animals had me falling in love with cows. so beautiful.

  4. Abigail says:

    We are going to be launching our season (2011) in Texas in January, better there then the originally planned Minnesota

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